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Tailoring straight to the heart

Scià Scià.


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Who we are

SciàScià is the story of a project born five years ago from an idea: to create unique and tailored garments.
From the outset, very precise choices were made, colors, fabrics, patterns, shapes, innovative cuts that proved to be the key aspects of this initiative.
These years of work, research and growth have always developed new models and confirmed models that have become iconic pieces.

Simple and clean lines, slippery with a soft fit that adapt to the shape of every woman's body, enhancing its merits or hiding its defects.

The craftsmanship and uniqueness of each garment arise from great attention to detail and research into materials accompanied by that touch of modernity that makes every dress feminine and easy to wear on any occasion.
Made in Italy for SciàScià is synonymous with tailoring that not only makes you special but also goes straight to the heart.




Tailoring of Scià Scià

Each garment is sewn and finished by the skilled hands of expert seamstresses.

Each garment is unique, or created in a limited edition, and you will never be embarrassed by having the same dress as your friend's.

The care and research of materials include fabrics, colors and patterns which, when mixed, give life to modern and contemporary clothes that are easy to wear.

The attention is on details, finishes and the search for easy-to-wear.

The Made in Italy or even better Made in Veneto creation starts from the research of the fabric to the pattern, from the piece by piece cut to the packaging, from the application of the buttons to the ironing; all made by local artisans.

The utmost attention is paid to sustainability by creating garments destined to last over time, not to follow a trend of the moment, but to obtain maximum quality with minimum environmental impact.

And last but not least, the price that must be within the reach of all budgets.

All this for SciàScià is Tailoring.

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