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  • How can I buy a SciàScià garment?
    Purchasing methods are: Online: each SciàScià garment is unique or in a limited edition.. Events: SciàScià participates in various events. Atelier: SciàScià receives privately in the showroom by appointment
  • What are the payment methods for a SciàScià purchase?
    The payment methods vary according to the method of purchase: Online: bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. Events: debit card, credit and debit card, cash Atelier: debit card, credit and debit card, cash
  • What are the shipping methods?
    Shipments are usually made on Tuesday/Wednesday. Delivery times vary depending on the destination location Shipping costs in Italy €10. Shipping costs in EU € 20. Extra EU shipping costs to be calculated according to the destination
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